Performer or Competitive Dancer

In the Performer or Competitive Dancer Guide you'll learn the following concepts:

  1. What You Need To Know About Salsa
  2. Basic Salsa Musicality And Timing
  3. Salsa Basic Step Variations
  4. Cuban Motion In Salsa
  5. Afro-Cuban Rhythms In Salsa
  6. Basic Salsa Shines
  7. Salsa Turn Patterns I (On1 & On2)
  8. Salsa Turn Patterns II (On1 & On2)
  9. Salsa Turn Patterns III (On1 & On2)
  10. Salsa Shines For Followers
  11. Salsa Shines For Leaders
  12. Salsa Ladies Styling
  13. Salsa Mens Styling
  14. Salsa Arm Styling
  15. Posture In Salsa
  16. Advanced Salsa Timing
  17. Body Isolation Exercises For Salsa
  18. Body Movement And Isolations For Salsa
  19. Salsa Dance Dips
  20. Salsa Shoes And Dancewear
  21. Afro-Cuban Guaguanco Movement In Salsa
  22. Rumba Guaguanco In Salsa
  23. Rumba Yambu In Salsa
  24. Pachanga Movement And Shines In Salsa
  25. Salsa Double Spins
  26. Salsa Spin Technique
  27. Classical Spin Technique
  28. Salsa Shines Workshops
  29. Alien Ramirez
  30. David Stein
  31. David Zepeda
  32. Frankie Martinez
  33. Griselle Ponce
  34. Junior & Emily Alabi
  35. Leon Rose
  36. Super Mario
  37. Oliver Pineda

The Performer or Competitive Dancer Guide has been curated by members of MentorMob's Salsa Dancing community including:

  1. Michael Nowicki
  2. Kristin Marie
  3. Tetiana Nosach