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MentorMob Entrepreneurship & Kiting Community Highlight: Elea Faucheron

Elea Faucheron is a self made athlete and entrepreneur who brings her passion for learning and mentoring to the MentorMob Learning Communities. Her ability to break the mold, pursue her passions and continue to learn new things everyday is a testament to the possibilities of widening your horizons. Recently, Elea has started contributing her insight to both the MentorMob Kiteboarding and Entrepreneurship learning Guides, learn a little bit more about Elea and why her expertise in these topics will help enhance your learning experience on MentorMob.

NAME: Elea Faucheron



PROFESSION: Recently I started a new company called Move Think Smile. The focus is on quality of life and success by making bold moves, thinking differently, and doing things that make you smile. Most of the time, I work with entrepreneurs who are overloaded and facing burnout. Usually my clients are very active and adventurous, but they overwork! I help them find more balance, which gives them more success. I am also an avid writer and kiteboarder.

PASSION: Boardsports (especially kiteboarding). Obstacle Course Racing. The Environment. Art. Life well lived!

HOW YOU BECAME AN ENTREPRENEUR: For a long time my answer was: I stumbled into entrepreneurship. But, one day I realized it’s been in my veins since I was a child. It started with planning out theater shows with friends so we could sell tickets to our families. That never got off the ground but there was the craft making and peddling. I actually made money!

Working for myself was always the dream, but I lacked the courage. In the end, it boiled down to matter of confidence, trust, and teaming up with an amazing partner to take my first entrepreneurial leap. That jump resulted in co-founding and managing South Carolina’s largest action sports store (skate, kite, sup, surf) for 12 years. We built it from the ground up. My business partner’s bold confidence and passionate determination was contagious. From him, I’ve learned to take those leaps time and time again.

HOW YOU BECAME A KITER: Despite having grown up in the North Carolina Mountains, I always wanted to live by the ocean. When I finally made the Charleston move, I knew I would get into watersports of some kind. At the time I had no clue kiteboarding even existed. Two months after moving to Charleston, I happened to meet my future business partner. He was one of only 5 local kiters at the time. The sport was in its infancy. I fell head over heels with kiting and never looked back!

HOW YOU LEARN EVERYDAY: I ask questions that require more than a simple yes or no! Sounds silly I know, but have you ever tried it? This opens up a world of invaluable information and advice. It helps me find “the sweet spot” in life’s daily conditions. Just like kiting requires minute changes in technique depending on the weather, entrepreneurship requires similar adjustments to ride the conditions of what you’re creating.

For me, it’s about finding the middle ground between two polarities. fulmira How can I be structured and flexible in my work, life, and sports? Being too rigid knocks me off my game; being too flexible gets me tossed too. In the end, learning is about finding those sweet spots while making bold moves, thinking differently, and engaging in activities that make you smile.

ELEA ON MENTORMOB: Elea is one of many passionate people who contribute to the MentorMob learning Guides. A few pieces from her own site were quickly noticed for their quality and contribution to the MentorMob Entrepreneurship Guide. Check them out step by step with the links below and create your profile on MentorMob to start your own journey in pursuing your passion through learning:

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