MentorMob CTO Vince Leung Joins Education Forum At Glappitnova 2015

Two days ago, MentorMob CTO Vince Leung stepped in to voice his expertise during Glappitnova 2015’s first ever forum on education: The Battle of Learning vs Job Placement In Education. Having been in the education space for a while now, Vince was happy to lend his insight on a lively discussion that touched on whether people use?education to learn real life skills that they would use in a job or just doing it as a requirement in getting a job, and how that will evolve in the future.

The panel members* went on to discuss a large range of issues including the role of non-profits in education, the tech economy’s dependence on creative thinkers and the sustainability of higher education. One conclusion of the evening was that higher education in it’s current form will not be likely to stick around in the future.

Panel members and audience members alike contributed to the thought on exploring their own learning experiences and from watching?younger people looking for alternatives to college. With the current cost and?possibly no return on that investment, the value proposition of college is dropping. cheap accommodation While many will argue the intangible benefits of college: alumni networks, skill building, etc.,?some people will say that alumni networks from incubators can be equally useful as an alternative path.

The conversation boiled down to how to create thinkers to jump into the innovation economy and keep that growing. Per Chicago Innovation: “The panel discussed the need for social enterprise and low-risk investments that partnered businesses and government. Furthermore, the panelists pointed out that a huge part of keeping the innovation pipeline robust is by fostering creative and entrepreneurial thinkers who can create the new businesses of tomorrow. “It’s not about the content, it is about being a learner,” said Jay Laughlin, who served as resident principal at a magnet school in Englewood this year.”

As previously mentioned, this was the first forum on education at the now annual Glappitnova Festival. The Glappitnova Festival?unites?entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers of different industries to discuss, teach and explore a range of issues in a way the combines culture with knowledge. Likened to “a mixture of South By Southwest and TED Talks with a Coachella vibe,” The Glappitnova Festival covers the city of Chicago with lively discussions, performances and classes for a truly enlightening experience.

MentorMob was thrilled to be a part of this year’s education discussion, and we look forward to more people addressing and innovating education. Don’t forget to see how MentorMob does is addressing learning online at

*Panel Members also included:?Jay Laughlin, who served as a resident principal at a magnet school in Englewood this year; Lisa Schumacher, director of Chicago’s Startup Institute; David Delmar, founder of Resilient Coders; and Annie Lin, regional director of General Assembly, tackled the issue of whether?education is about learning or just about getting a job.?Through a lively discussion,?the panel members touched on the role of non-profits in education, the tech economy’s dependence on creative thinkers, and the sustainability of higher education. While many independent conclusions were made from the forum, everyone seemed to agree that higher education in it’s current form will not be likely to stick around in the future.?



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