Wedding Planning Community Highlight: Casey Fatchett Takes a Lens to Life After Marriage

Casey Fatchett is a professional wedding photographer who has had an incredible impact on both the photography and wedding planning Guides on MentorMob. With his latest photography project, he has delved into a topic that is not talked about nearly enough in the wedding planning community, what happens after marriage? There is an entire industry built around the process of getting married, but so few people who touch on what life is like after that day.

Casey’s latest project, The Marriage Project, takes a lens to life after marriage. He is photographing and interviewing people at each year of marriage from their first year married?to their fiftieth. This video is a sneak peek into what we can expect from the Marriage Project, and we personally can’t wait to see how it develops.

MentorMob invites our Wedding Planning, Photography and all learning communities to see if they can get involved with Casey Fatchett’s The Marriage Project HERE, and stay tuned for an update on The Marriage Project’s progress.

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