10 Pieces of Parenting Advice From Moms Who Have Been There


With all the conflicting you should and you should not parenting advice that the web has to offer, the parents from the MentorMob and Preggie App communities wanted to let you in on some advice that you can trust - advice they received and give to those they love.


There is no such thing as being prepared for a baby.

Make sure the first two weeks you have help, and if you’re feeling down right after the baby, talk to someone you trust. Baby blues or postpartum depression can and does happen to anyone.


Go to a first aid class so you don’t panic every time an accident happens.



Make one night a month about you and your significant other. Take a Friday night, rent a movie and stay up till 11 talking and reminding each other why you fell in love in the first place.



It’s ok to be selfish with your baby. They’re only small for about a minute it feels like and if you don’t want to share him/her then that?is?okay.



Before you have a baby, your parent friends will tell you, “You can’t understand the love you have for your child, or any love for that matter, until you have your own.” Just trust and believe they are not trying to offend you or downplay your capacity to love another human. It really is the truth.

Also, when the doctor tells you that you’re infertile, there is always room for error (welcome Baby #4! after IUI and IVFs)!



Don’t let trying to get pregnant stress you and your significant other out. It’s hard to enjoy making a baby under stress.

Just know that it will definitely happen when the time is right.



Trust your own instincts. There’s no handbook for parenting but your gut will tell you if your child feels happy, sad, safe, sick, etc.



Speak Life into your child always.
Read daily to your child.
Always tell them you love them.
Cherish their newborn moments, they don’t stay that small forever.
Kisses and hugs make everything better.


Dee (Coco’s Daughter)

Don’t Rush.

Live in the moment. Time stops for no one, so hold on tight to every single millisecond of your child’s lives. Savor every snuggle, delight in every dance party, catch every kiss, relish every rock-a-bye, hang on to every hug and soak up every sing-a-long. Even during trying times, cradle every cry, fix every fight, mend every mood, forget about every food strike, brush off every boo boo and tend to every tantrum.


Stacy (The Soccer Mom Blog)

Teach by example. My mom always respected my opinion growing up and because of that I learned to be independent and had a strong sense of self. I try to do the same with my daughters by communicating with them and making sure they know that their ideas are important to me.


Regardless of whether you are planning to start a family or are already growing one, it’s always okay to ask for help. In the more connected world, that help is always just a click away. Learn more about becoming a part of and benefitting from the MentorMob Parenting Community HERE and the Preggie App Community HERE.

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