MentorMob’s Vince Leung Joins The Circle of Centaurs

Our very own Vince Leung, MentorMob CTO, has been selected as one of 3 mentors chosen to represent Chicago as a part of Remy Martin’s Circle of Centaurs program.

The Circle of Centaurs program is a mentorship initiative in which Remy Martin creates a community of 15 mentors who are referred to as Centaurs. Trusted for their entrepreneurial experience, these Centaurs are tasked with selecting and providing guidance to a local up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Over the course of the program, Vince will help unravel and solve just some of the millions of obstacles that entrepreneurs run into. And, while we can’t say we’ve seen it all, so far we’ve seen a whole lot.

MentorMob has been around since 2011, and, like any startup, we have seen many ups and downs. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that the concept of being a mentor instead of needing one seemed unreal. But with persistence and the confidence to know when to ask for help, MentorMob will be able to grow into a vehicle that empowers others to do the same thing for their own passion.

Vince’s experience as an entrepreneur is not private to his mentee through the Circle of Centaurs Program. Having a lot to say on the topic, he has contributed quite a bit to MentorMob’s Entrepreneurship Guide currently available on Go ahead and take some lessons from some people who have lived it before you.

Stay tuned for news from Vince and his mentee throughout the course of Remy Martin’s Circle of Centaurs program, and check out the other Centaurs involved HERE.






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