2 ways how to alleviate lower back pain fast

Lower back pain is a common problem all over the world and causes a lot of discomfort thus need for a remedy in order to overcome it. Here are 2 ways how to alleviate lower back pain fast:

1. Way 1: Treatment of the symptoms

This is one of the best ways to overcome or treat lower back pain. A number of medications and strategies can be used depending on the severity of the pain and how long it has stayed. In treating the symptoms, the followings methodologies can be used:-

Stretch the lower back; in some cases lower back pain results from muscle spasms. This is when smooth muscles at the back contract and this may be as a result of autonomic nervous system leading to a strain or tear. Stretch your lower back by making forth and back movements. This can be done for a few minutes and as time goes by the spasm cycle will be broken thus alleviating lower back pain.

Taking drugs

A number of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken in order to alleviate lower back pain quickly. These drugs include pain killers that when taken are able to ease inflammation and at the end of it stop the pain. Over the counter pain killers such as ibuprofen relieves pain and at the same time do away with any inflammation which brings about lower back pain. Other drugs can be used but care must be observed as some people may be allergic to certain medications.

Use ice

It is another common method that can be used in alleviating lower back pain very quickly. The ice is important in constricting blood vessels beneath the skin and this will ease pain and any swelling around lower back. An ice towel can be used or a homemade ice pack or a frozen bag of vegetables can be used in dealing with lower back pain.

2. Way 2: Physical activities

This is another method used in relieving lower back pain. However, it is important to note that if exercises cause you more pain you are supposed to stop them immediately. Physical activities include the following: – Butterfly exercises, pigeon, and happy baby. All these activities work in a way that they relieve stress present at the lower back. The activities involve the feet, the knees, thighs and other areas of the lower back. If the physical activities are done properly, the pain will be alleviated as soon as is practically possible. Avoid straight sit ups, leg lifts and crunches. Do water bottle curves and walking around helps in relieving lower back pain in a great way. Massage, spinal l manipulation and acupuncture are other physical activities which can help alleviate back pain.

Why Athletes Should Follow the Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is a diet that involves eating foods that are “as close to nature” as possible – this means avoiding processed foods and things like white bread and bleached flower, and instead eating nuts, berries, in-season fruits and meat that was raised using organic processes.

The paleo diet is ideal for people who need to get the best out of their bodies, because it involves eating slow release carbohydrates and lots of healthy fats, rather than the simple sugars and insulin-spiking carbs that are so common in the western diet.

The paleo diet is high protein, and this is very important for athletes, because proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue. In addition, fat is a great long-term source of engery, so eating a diet that is high in healthy fats increases satiety and keeps your energy levels up. Fat is also important because it contains fat-soluble nutrients, and the building blocks of certain hormones, including testosterone. If you want your body to perform at the best level it can then getting a good portion of your daily calorie allowance from fat is a good idea.

Many people find that when they start the paleo diet they lose weight, feel healthier and have more energy. Considering a lot of sports are weight-class sports these days, that is very important. If you are competing in a weight class sport you will benefit from the paleo diet because it will make it easier for you to stay on-weight in the long term. High carb diets are hard to lose weight on, because carbohydrates digest quickly inside the body, and can leave you feeling hungry a lot sooner than you would if you ate a meal that was high in protein or fat.

There are different “levels” of the paleo diet. Some people choose to eat only in-season fruits and vegetables, avoid grains completely and are strict about where their meat comes from, others are more flexible about fruit and may even include some whole grains, not following a pure paleo diet. Whatever type of diet you choose, avoiding processed foods will help you a lot when it comes to improving your energy levels. The paleo diet is a brilliant choice for strength, endurance and weight class athletes and includes some good rules of thumb for improving your overall approach to nutrition and healthy living – even if you don’t go completely the paleo way.

A Quick Review Of Body Beast & The Results You Can Expect

Are you tired of being overweight or simply skinny fat? Want to get lean and mean or big and muscular? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you definitely need to start a weight training program. One of the best weight training programs available now is Body Beast by Beach Body. This program was developed by Sagi Kalev and contains tried and tested bodybuilding routines to get you ripped. This program is three months long and at the end of it, you will gain up to 20 lbs of muscle!

So, exactly how is this Body Beast program structured? Well, it is in three phases: Build for three weeks, Bulk for six weeks and lastly, Beast for three weeks. In the first Build phase, you are given four routines: Legs, Back and Biceps, Shoulders and Chest. You do each one of these routines on one day per week plus a day for cardio and one day off. Each exercise routine is between 30 – 50 minutes long, so you can definitely fit them easily into your day.

In order to start Body Beast, you will need a set of weights, you can buy individual dumbbells from 5 lbs – 50+lbs or you can buy adjustable dumbbells if you are short on space. You will also need a weight bench or exercise ball, resistance bands and a pull up bar. All of these items are easy to find in any sports store or you can order them online. It is a weight lifting program, and in order to see real results, you do need to lift weights that challenge your muscles to grow and get stronger.

The next phase is the Bulk phase for six weeks. This phase has five routines which include one for Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders and Arms. During this phase you will be doing a short bulk and this means that you won’t be doing any cardio. You will gain some weight during this phase, but it will be all muscle.

Lastly, the final Beast phase is three weeks long, and you will be cutting by using a combination of videos from the Build and Bulk phases. However, you will be doing a lot more cardio and reducing your calories, so that you shed the fat and reveal your new muscle.

In conclusion, the Body Beast bodybuilding workout  simply works and thousands of people around the world have been able to get ripped and shredded by using this program. So, what are you waiting for?

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils. Cinnamon is a sweet spice relished all over the world. It is also used as an herbal tea. Cinnamon is also used to extract an essential oil which has its exact sweet, pervading aroma which is very soothing. Cinnamon essential oil has a plethora of health benefits and healing properties.

cinnamon bark essential oil

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The source of cinnamon essential oil is the sweet spice Cinnamomum verum ( also zeylanicum ). This is known as true cinnamon. There is another cheaper variety of cinnamon powder that we get from trees in the genus Cassia. This cheap cinnamon comes from China, while true cinnamon grows in many parts of the tropical world, notably in Sri Lanka and India. Although Cassia cinnamon is also used to extract essential oil, the one from true cinnamon is the one which possesses wonderful health benefits. There are two kinds of essential oils derived from this tree.

cinnamon bark used for cinnamon essential oil

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  • Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil – This one is steam distilled from the leaves of cinnamon. This is yellowish in color.
  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – This is steam distilled from the bark of cinnamon. It is slightly reddish in color with a hint of brown.

Both of these essential oils have some differences in their chemical composition, obviously because they come from different parts of the same plant. However, their health benefits can be quite similar. Production The essential oil can be obtained through steam distillation. This yields organic essential oil which is pure. There are other methods of extracting essential oil, like through solvent extraction which may yield a higher oil extraction percentage. This is more economical for the manufacturer but it is not organic. As a result, it may not provide all the health benefits to such a degree as the pure, organic essential oil.

cinnamon leaves used for making cinnamon leaf oil

(Photo Courtesy :  L. shyamal )

Other Names

Cinnamon is known by other names like dal chini, kayu manis, cannella.

Blends Well With

Cinnamon essential oil blends well with clove, nutmeg, ylang-ylang and grapefruit essential oils. It forms a nice combination with the cooling peppermint essential oil. It acts as a fixative and can prolong the aroma of essential oils like rose, lavender, lemon, lime, orange and other citrus essential oils.


Cinnamon essential oil exerts many therapeutic properties.

  • Antibacterial – Cinnamon essential oil is used in aromatherapy blends to get rid of airborne bacteria. It thus prevents many respiratory tract infections.
  • Astringent – When applied to the skin, it shrinks and pulls the skin, making it tight and firm.
  • Antioxidant – It is a moderate antioxidant capacity essential oil.
  • Antihelminthic – It is used to get rid of intestinal worms.
  • Anti-infection – It prevents infections of the urinary tract.
  • Antiseptic – It reduces the risk of septic in wounds.
  • Enhancer – It enhances the property of another oil or compound mixed with it.
  • Immunostimulant – It stimulates the immune system to work better.
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Insect repellent – The leaf essential oil is used in aromatherapy to drive away mosquitoes.[2]
  • Detoxifying Agent – Its volatile compounds initiate a detoxifying response in the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory – It is anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Carminative – It aids the expulsion of stored intestinal gas. This was it alleviates bloating.
  • Emmenagogue – It facilitates proper menstruation and relieves menstrual pain to some extent.
  • Analgesic – It is a pain reliever, naturally.
  • Anti-rheumatic – It is a mild anti-rheumatic agent. It is used in formulations to soothe rheumatoid arthritis pain.
  • Expectorant – It expels phlegm from the lungs and throat.
  • Digestive – It aids digestion and alleviates upset stomach and mild stomach ache.
  • Antifungal – Cinnamon essential oil is a powerful antifungal. It is used to kill mold causing fungi. [3]
  • Stomachic – It tones the stomach and boosts the appetite.
  • Antidepressant – It alleviates negative thoughts and depression.
  • Hypoglycemic – It lowers blood glucose and is helpful in diabetes. [4]
  • Galactagogue – Promotes production of mother’s milk.

What To Do When You Hit 30 And Your T Levels Start To Drop

Did you know that when you turn 30, your T levels start to drop and drop fast? Now I’m sure that you do know just how valuable testosterone is to a man and when this starts to get taken away from you and often at an alarming rate, I’m sure you would want to reverse this so that you can start boosting your levels again and feel normal or even better than normal. Now if you want to reverse this condition, then you better be paying attention to every word in this post because I will be giving you the inside scoop on how to do this and do so safely and naturally.

Get Rid Of The Bulge

One of the biggest reasons why your testosterone levels start to drop at the age of 30 is that it becomes harder to lose weight and fat starts to accumulate around the stomach area. And science has shown that the more fat you have in this area, the lower your testosterone levels will be. So if you have a bulge and you are overweight, then you need to start changing your diet so that you will  start melting away that fat. One of the best diets to do this is the Paleo Diet. There are many great resources available to help get you started using this diet.

Start Lifting Weights

Weight training is one of the best exercises you can do to boost your testosterone levels. It also works extraordinary fast to produce these results. So don’t be shy of going to the gym. But lay of the cardio, which can actually hurt your testosterone. Instead, hit the weights and hit them hard and you will experience amazing results from the time you invest pumping iron.

Use Supplements

There are some powerful supplements that exist that can help boost your testosterone and do so over both the short and long term. Some of these can be dangerous, so I must warn you of this. But there are some that are completely natural and work extremely well to help resurrect low testosterone levels and help you function optimally again.

By far the best one on the market is Testofuel because it can help you in so many ways to boost your levels and so that you can perform better on so many levels.

I highly recommend you put the ideas in this post into action.

So You Have Skin Tags

Skin tags are common soft skin growths that are harmless. They mostly attack your neck, armpits, under breast and eyelids. If you are attacked by skin tags, you may have one to 100 skin tags at the same time. Studies have shown that everyone develops a skin tag one time in their life time. However, they are most prone to obese and middle-aged people. There is a lot of medical literature that associates skin tags with obesity.

Skin Tags EyelidYou should know that if you physically remove a skin tag, it will not cause others to grow and there are some people who have genes that are prone to skin tags. There are different forms of treatment that includes tying off, freezing or cutting off the tag itself.

If you develop skin tags on your eyelids, you should not panic. They are harmless and do not pose any kind of danger. There are also a lot of medically safe methods that you can apply to deal with skin tags. These safe methods range from home remedies, creams to minor surgical procedures that will help you remove the skin tags completely.

Skin tags on your eyelids should be treated with special care. This is mainly because eyes are very sensitive and any slight mistake may cause undesired harm on them. It is not advisable to treat yourself, you should seek professional help of an expert dermatologist. If you insists on home remedies, only use safe and proven procedures.

You are strongly advised against using products that have harmful chemicals in them ñ good example is nail polish or some commercials creams. You are advised to use natural and herbal creams that are proven safe and do not have any side effects. A recommended natural cream is Amoils natural cream ñ it is a cream that is safe and effective too. There are clients who have used it in sensitive areas and have seen its effectiveness.

For home remedies, baking soda and Castrol oil are the most effective remedies. The procedure is simple, you may a thick mixture and carefully apply it to the skin tag. You should ensure your eyes are completely closed ñ this will prevent any of the ingredient falling into your eyes. Most people recommend the use of apple cider vinegar to treat skin tags on your eyelids.

Most of the natural treatments are effective and they are not expensive as compared to their synthetic remedies. If you buy some remedies directly from the company, you will get a 60 day money guarantee in case you do not get the desired results

Read on for more information about skin tags.


I was relatively fit when I was in my twenties. Since i left school I regularly lifted weights and occasionally some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. But how the passage of time changes things! As i now approach 40 I can conclude that middle age is definitely setting in. Well recently I had my mid life crisis moment and started to go back to my old gym. I hadn’t been in 10 years or so, and boy has it changed.

When i used to frequent it was a recently quiet gym. Some times during the day there would only have been a handful of people there. Now it has been completely revamped. It is a quite small gym, with only one bench press and 1 squat rack. But now it is packed wall to wall with the new generation of testosterone fuelled youngsters.

Sure i’m getting on a bit, but the majority are gung-ho and immature with their training methods. Ego is definitely at the forefront. A couple of ill-communicative teenagers were trying to hurry me off the bench. I was having a light day only doing about 150 pounds. As soon as i finished the guys who were a lot lighter than me proceeded to start with 220 pounds on the bar for a warm up. Needless to say one lowered into the press whilst 2 spotters done most of the work and lifted the bar off his chest for him for several reps.

Good workout indeed. I was glad to see they learned their lesson on the next set. They added another 50 pounds to the bar. How they expect to progress or stay out of hospital in the future is beyond me. Even the top powerlifters I used to train with always started with the bar light to warm up. It stretches the muscles and prepares them for the bigger load later on.

Well I don’t think I will go back to my old haunt. There is a powerlifters gym on the other side of town that has a much more sensible clientele and a better music policy to boot. What is it with all these modern gym revamps designed to attract teenagers that has so much EDM music blasting out with explicit lyrics cranking out at over 110db? No wonder you see weeds curling in the squat bar in these gyms.

So all i need in a modern gym is a large area with plenty of free weights and loads of squat racks, a no music policy, or somewhere that plays a little ambient music so it doesn’t over power your headphones if you want to drown out the sound system. Some decent cardio equipment like a Merit fitness treadmill or a Sole Elliptical for days when you need to trim up is preferred. It really is the atmosphere and the amount of space and equipment it has that makes it.

If the owners have a mandate where they regularly update the machines, keep it clean and have plenty of space, modern changing and showering facilities – it makes all the difference. This creates a good atmosphere and ensures the rowdies don’t overrun the gym.

4 Home workout routines for women

You do not need a gym membership to shed off the extra pounds and look fit. In fact you do not even need to invest in the expensive exercise machines. There are simple home workouts routines for women that will help you achieve the same results as attending gym classes daily.

The most helpful book I’ve found concerning exceptional exercises for women is from a couple named Steve and Becky Holman; and here is one of the most in depth Old School New Body reviews I’ve found.

From that book and my own research the best simple home workout routines will include:

1. Bodyweight Squat

Squats are a versatile exercise and they most of the major muscle groups including the thighs, hips and butt.

How to do this workout

  • Stand tall with your feet spread wider than your shoulders width apart.
  • Hold your arms in front of your body at shoulder level so that they are parallel to the floor
  • Lower your body as far as you can by bending the knees and the pushing the hips back. Pause for about 30 seconds then push yourself back up.
  • Repeat the steps for about 20 times daily.

2. Incline Push-up

Push-ups are great exercises for the chest; they also define abs, torso, triceps and the shoulders. They also help to tone the stomach.

How to do incline push-ups

  • Place your hands on a raised surface such as a bench; your body should be straight from the head to the ankles.
  • Keeping the body rigid, lower it until the upper arms dip below the elbow, pause the push yourself back up and repeat the steps for about 10 times daily.

If incline push up is too easy, you can do it with your hands on the floor.

3. Hip Raise

To do this exercise,

  • Lie on the floor with your back, raise your knees with your feet flat on the floor
  • Now place your arms out to the sides with your palms facing up
  • Make your tummy as skinny as possible and hold it to give a tight score while breathing normally.
  • Now squeeze your glutes and raise your hips so that the body forms a straight line from the knees to the shoulders.
  • Pause in this position for five seconds then lower the body
  • Repeat the steps 10 times daily.

4. Side Plank

Side plank works the entire core and makes you look better forever. Particularly, it targets the weak muscles known as the lumborum. It also helps to reduce risk to lower back pain

To do side plank

  • Lie on your right side with the knees straight
  • Prop the upper body on your right forearm and elbow which should be directly below the right shoulder.
  • Now place your left hand on the left hip, make the tummy as skinny as possible and hold it that way to give you a tight core.
  • Raise your hips until the body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles, hold this position for about 30 seconds then roll to the other side and repeat.

Benefits Of Looking At A Health Magazine

If you are into health or trying to get healthier, you may want to consider investing in a health magazine. Looking at a magazine for health is a great way to increase the amount of knowledge that you have about health. In this article, we will be talking about some of the main benefits of looking at a health magazine.

images (9)Benefits Of Looking At A Magazine For Health:

1. Knowledge.

The number one benefit that you are going to get from looking at a health magazine is knowledge about health and fitness. You will be able to learn a lot of things that might help make you a healthier person overall. This is ultimately going to give you a lot of what you need to become healthier and be able to take care of yourself much better. By focusing on improving your knowledge in this field, you will end up with better results in both your fitness and nutrition.

2. Tips.

Another thing that you are going to get from looking at a magazine like this is tips from experts. A lot of people fail at achieving their fitness goals simply because they do not have the necessary knowledge and expertise in the filed. By reading a magazine dedicated to health and fitness, you should be able to get and utilize a bunch of different tips that can help get you closer to where you want to be health wise. This is going to allow you to workout and eat more effectively. It will also help you live a healthier life with their lifestyle tips, as well.

3. Motivation.

happy-familyAnother underrated benefit of reading these magazines is that you are going to be able to acquire all sorts of motivation. A lot of people simply read and purchase these magazines for this sole purpose. The amount of motivation that you can get from these magazines is endless. You are going to be able to achieve all sorts of motivation because there is a ton of different people that are motivating and features in these magazines. By looking at other peoples stories, goals, and achievements, you will achieve a better source of motivation overall.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons and benefits for looking at these kinds of magazines. It is important to invest in these kinds of magazines in order to effectively teach yourself more about health and wellness. You should be able to learn a ton from the magazine and by reading experts on the subject. You should also be able to figure out some tips that might help you achieve the fitness and health goals that you desire. This is a great way to get into health and fitness and to step up your motivation levels, as well. If you are planning on investing in a magazine for health, be sure that you choose one with an excellent reputation and one that interviews experts in the field of health and wellness.